System infrastructure :
As your day to day activity relies on your system infrastructure, your data processing tools deserve a solid, safe and evolving configuration.

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Your data is valuable - protect it!
Nobody is safe from computer failure. It is crucial to be prepared in advance.

In addition to fire hazards, water damage, ill fortune or human error, every fifteen seconds a hard disk crashes.

Programs can always be reconstituted starting from the original support material provided by the editor.
Data, on the contrary, constitutes the legal, accounting, commercial and technical memory of a given company and thus its specific know-how. It is invaluable.


- Entirely automated backups.
- Your data is delocalized.
- Several versions of your data are available.
- Personalizable configurations.
- You are the only person to access your data.
- Your data remains encrypted at all times.
- Distant assistance by phone.

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